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2017-12-27 by BrainWorks

Organic and Healthy Foods Impacting CPG Growth

One significant trend that continues to drive the consumer packaged goods industry is the growth of the organic… Read More

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2017-12-20 by BrainWorks

How to Inspire an Ownership Mindset in Your Employees

Organizations and teams that inspire an ownership mindset, where ideas are encouraged and initiative is commended, are more… Read More

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2017-12-13 by BrainWorks

Four Tips to Boost the Confidence of Your Team

Studies show that confidence increases productivity at work. Self-confidence causes you to choose more challenging tasks, which make… Read More

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2017-12-06 by BrainWorks

Disruptive Business Models Drive Growth in Consumer Products Industry

Disruptive business models have taken the CPG market by storm and driven competition and growth within the industry.… Read More