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2018-03-28 by BrainWorks

Data Analytics and Cybersecurity

Malware attacks continue to increase in both volume and complexity around the world, leaving companies to search for… Read More

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2018-03-21 by BrainWorks

Unusual Food Trends: Sustainability Drives Creative New Products

As the way that consumers shop for groceries continues to change over time, so does their diet. There… Read More

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2018-03-14 by BrainWorks

Takeaways from the Food Marketing Institute’s Midwinter Executive Conference

For the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, 2018 has already shown itself to be the year when norms will… Read More

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2018-03-07 by BrainWorks

Lessons in Failure: Does Struggle Make Us Stronger?

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” is an adage that’s been around for quite some time. But,… Read More