Executive Summary: Consumer Products Goods (CPG) Industry and Employment Trends for 2023

The Consumer Products Goods (CPG) industry has long been a cornerstone of the global economy, with its pulse closely tied to consumer behavior and preferences. The year 2023 has been particularly instructive, as the industry adapted to post-pandemic shifts and navigated novel challenges and opportunities. Alongside industry shifts, employment trends also underwent transformations. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the state and direction of the CPG sector and its employment landscape in 2023.

Market Dynamics:

– Recovery and Growth: Post-pandemic economic rebound has been evident, especially in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa. The global CPG industry witnessed an estimated CAGR of 4.5%, signaling a return to growth.

– Digital Emphasis: E-commerce became a fundamental pillar for CPG businesses. A stronger online presence and increased digital marketing efforts marked the industry’s strategy.

– Sustainability Focus: Brands prioritizing environmental responsibility and sustainable practices found more consumer traction, leading to increased market share and profitability.

Employment Trends:

1. Rise of Remote Work: Following the pandemic, the acceptance of remote work persisted in 2023. CPG companies offered hybrid models, with roles in marketing, IT, and administration often having flexible work-from-home options.

2. Increased Demand for Digital Skills: With the sector’s heightened emphasis on digital channels, there’s a significant demand for professionals skilled in e-commerce, digital marketing, data analytics, and user experience design.

3. Sustainability Roles: Reflecting the industry’s sustainability push, there’s been a rise in roles focused on sustainability initiatives, including supply chain sustainability managers, environmental impact analysts, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) specialists.

4. Sales & Marketing Evolution: Traditional sales roles are being recalibrated with a need for understanding digital sales channels. Marketing roles now emphasize influencer partnerships, digital content creation, and data-driven decision-making.

5. Diversified Supply Chain Roles: The need for supply chain resilience led to an uptick in roles related to supply chain diversification, risk management, and local sourcing.

6. Skilling and Reskilling: With the rapid pace of industry evolution, there’s a marked emphasis on continuous learning. Companies are investing in training programs, especially for their existing employees, to bridge skill gaps.

7. Mental Health and Wellness Initiatives: Recognizing the challenges of the post-pandemic work environment, companies are hiring professionals focused on employee well-being and mental health.

8. Growth of Contractual and Gig Employment: As businesses strive for flexibility, there’s been an increase in temporary, contractual, and gig-based roles, especially in areas like content creation, digital campaigns, and project-based IT roles.

Key Challenges and Opportunities:

– Talent Attraction and Retention: As the job market became competitive, CPG companies faced challenges in attracting and retaining top talent. Offering competitive benefits, work flexibility, and career advancement opportunities became essential.

– Technological Adaptation: The need for rapid technological adaptation brought opportunities for professionals skilled in emerging technologies. Companies faced the dual challenge of integrating new technologies while training their current workforce.

– Local Vs. Global: With the rise of local brands, multinational CPG firms faced competition in regional markets. This called for a balance between global scalability and local adaptability in both strategy and talent acquisition.


The CPG industry in 2023 showcased resilience, adaptability, and a keen sense of evolving consumer preferences. The integration of digital trends, coupled with a strong sustainability mandate, redefined the sector’s direction. On the employment front, the emphasis shifted towards skills that support digital growth, sustainability, and mental well-being. As companies recalibrate their strategies, the workforce’s agility and adaptability will be pivotal in navigating the industry’s future trajectory. The synthesis of innovative strategies, technology, and a skilled workforce will determine the CPG sector’s success in the upcoming years.

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