Guy O. Gomis, Partner and Practice Leader, Multi-Channel Marketing & Decision Sciences at BrainWorks – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, featured in’s What is a chief data officer? A leader who creates value from all things data.

By: Minda Zetlin (CIO (US))

Chief data officer vs. chief analytics officer

Even though chief data officer and chief analytics officer are two distinct roles, they should both reside in the same person, argues Guy Gomis, partner at the recruiting company BrainWorks.

“I’m finding the best in class are combining the two,” he says. “Most leaders in analytics want to own the data strategy and how the company treats data and they want to own analytics.” It makes sense if you think about it. Analytics is how data provides value, so that’s an essential function. At the same time, you need a good data strategy and good data management or you won’t get quality data to analyze. Thus, Gomis says, “Best practice is having a chief data strategy and analytics officer who owns both data and analytics and works closely with the CIO.”

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