Andrew Hawkins

National Practice Leader – Technology

Andrew Hawkins joins BrainWorks as National Practice Leader – Technology.

Andrew is a trusted leader, advisor, speaker, consultant, and mentor in the Executive Staffing industry.  He brings 25+ years of staffing and recruiting experience in various cities, and multiple industries, to BrainWorks.

Andrew has always kept his audience front of mind.  He knows that he is only as successful as the professionals he engages with.  His ability to understand the requirements of a diverse audience, their objectives and then follow through is paramount.

He has received many accolades including Entrepreneur of Year, Small Business of the Month, Emerging Business of the Year, 40 Under 40, among others. During his 25-year tenure in the industry, he has served as Producer, Leader and Owner achieving high levels of success for the companies he represented.

Andrew lives in Omaha, Nebraska and enjoys his church, making an impact in his community and traveling to new places in the United States and abroad.