I have known Andy Miller and Brainworks for over ten years and have come to rely on them as a strategic partner in building teams and finding great talent.

I first started working with Brainworks when I was the VP of eCommerce at Party City and they helped me to staff several difficult to fill ecommerce roles.  I later moved on and joined Cost Plus World Market where they again helped me to fill several key ecommerce roles that were key to us growing our ecommerce revenue from $25 MM to over $160 million in under four years. I had a particularly difficult Director of eCommerce Operations role which I wanted to retain their services for.  Andy went out on a limb and suggested he do it at his expense since his expertise was limited in the ecommerce operations side of the business.  Brainworks was able to source great talent within 30 days from start and the person I hired was one of the smartest and best hires I have ever made.

Brainworks excels at listening well.  They ask intelligent questions which illicit details vital to the formulation of the ideal profile when hiring, and ultimately are great at qualifying and presenting great talent to their clients.  Unlike my experiences with most recruiters, I cannot recall a time where their team presented me with a candidate that was not fully vetted and could do the job.

Several years ago, I joined a fast-growing technology company called SolarWinds and needed to hire a VP of Digital Marketing, a VP of Creative, and a Director of eCommerce Operations. Within 60 days from engagement, Brainworks sourced and found great talent to help us achieve our business objectives.

Brainworks stands out amongst the crowded space in recruiting because of their professionalism, tenacity, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.