Andy Miller knows everything there is to know about executive recruiting in the consumer durable goods arena. Andy placed me for a position several years ago, and from start to finish the experience was flawless, each detail handled with ease. Details were not delegated to staff, Andy was always on top of everything. Through the whole process Andy helped me along and gave me advice that undeniably played a huge role in the eventual successful outcome. Andy is intense and gets results. I would highly recommend Andy to any company looking to locate the best talent for their organization.

D. Bilger

I have known Andy for a number of years. Throughout this time he has consistently shown a high level of knowledge, responsiveness and integrity that is a challenge to find in this profession. Additionally, Andy’s attention to the details combined with his level of expertise in the industry, places him among the top and I would highly recommend Andy and his services.

Kenneth Colby, MBA, Global marketing executive in product, brand and channel

After completing preparation for an interview with Andy Miller, I am most definitely able to recommend him as an Account recruiter of choice! He is very personable and actionable about placing individuals matched up right for opportunities. Mr. MIller has an impressive record of past HR placement/recruiter successes, and I am glad I can be counted as one of them.

Jason Ross, Vice President of Sales Horizon Group USA

Andy is a top notch talent acquisition and placement professional. Through his rigorous networking, Andy got in touch with me with a perfect opportunity. I was in the market to make a change and was very pleased with the results. From initial screening, through the interviewing process and eventual offer and acceptance, Andy served as an excellent guide and leader. Through ongoing follow up once on-boarded and continuing contact, I have been more than pleased with his professionalism and results.

S. Carr

I have known Andy professionally for over 25 years (yikes that makes me feel old!). Over the course of those years, I have retained Andy’s services to recruit star marketers, consulted and networked with him, and more recently landed a senior marketing position at a wonderful company through him. Andy stands out of the crowd of recruiters through his engaging personality, high integrity and, ultimately his skills in finding and matching the right talent with the position. Andy invests the time necessary to understand a company’s culture and its business needs to provide the best talent match. He’s in it for the long term relationship as my 30 years experience with him attests to. I highly recommend Andy and the Brainworks team.

Barbara Hyder

Andy’s ability to first understand my needs and then match exceptional talent was second to none. The individual we selected has made several significant contributions in fostering our continued growth by making significant cost effective contributions to our media campaigns and spearheaded our new product introductions and brand building efforts that have escalated us to a market leadership position in our industry. I would highly recommend him to any company that is facing critical challenges of hiring superior people.
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Kevin McColgan, President & CEO, Aero Products International, Inc.