Andy’s ability to first understand my needs and then match exceptional talent was second to none. The individual we selected has made several significant contributions in fostering our continued growth by making significant cost effective contributions to our media campaigns and spearheaded our new product introductions and brand building efforts that have escalated us to a market leadership position in our industry. I would highly recommend him to any company that is facing critical challenges of hiring superior people.
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Kevin McColgan, President & CEO, Aero Products International, Inc.

The best search consultant I ever worked with is Andy Miller… The most significant reason to separate Andy from other search consultants is his ability to understand our business… He delivered the talent that made a difference in achieving my business objectives. I would highly recommend Andy to any organization that is looking to grow its business.

Sr. VP of Marketing, Andrew Jergens Corporation

BrainWorks is the best executive search firm I have ever worked with during my 34 years in business. They source, qualified and helped us hire a superior talent for our executive team who will influence and shape our future. All the candidates they presented to us were superior and presented in a timely manner. In fact, we were able to bring this executive on board in less than three months of our initial conversation with BrainWorks. The definitely live by their commitment to quality, speed and results.

Jim Harrison, President, Amscan

The results that BrainWorks achieved in sourcing, qualifying and delivering superior talent was second to none. Over the period of time you recruited for Lexmark, you must have placed 15-20 people in the aforementioned functional area and many made a significant impact on the business. We came to rely on BrainWorks as a significant partner when we wanted to source a talent who was going to make a difference.

Paul Johns, Former SVP & GM, Lexmark USA

Often one hears ‘our most important asset is our people.’ That thought must be amended to assert our most important assets are the people, in the right positions to make demonstrable differences.” And to this end, you have proved to be the top external contributor. Thanks!

Ed Denne, Publisher and COO, Skinder-Strauss Associates