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Retention: Landing C-level and Executive STAR Talent Is Not the End of the Process

Employee retention is extremely important. Particularly the retention of STAR talent in executive, managerial, and C-level positions. While a competitive salary and great benefits are often sufficient to attract top talent, retention can be a good deal more complicated.

That’s particularly true in competitive roles filled by ecommerce recruitment firms, for instance. Top talent often know what they’re worth and what they contribute. And for STAR talent in C-level positions, it takes more than the basics to ensure solid talent retention. Company culture, management style, and next-level benefits often have a significant impact on whether top talent stays or goes. Here are some ways to ensure that you hire and retain STAR talent for your executive team.

Find an Executive Recruiting Firm Committed to True Partnerships

It’s important to work with a recruiting firm with experience placing candidates at the executive level. A C-level recruiting firm that emphasizes true partnerships with a focus on not only finding the top talent, but also working as a link between the employer and candidate, is essential. A truly effective executive recruiting firm doesn’t just present candidates to the hiring manager. They are a partner and functional consultant during the candidate search, interview process, handling of offers and counteroffers, possible relocation, and orientation. And after the candidate is hired, a committed recruitment partner follows up to ensure all parties are satisfied. It’s an essential step the best recruiting firms will take to help ensure satisfaction and iron out any possible issues that could impact retention.

Seek Out a Reputable, Specialized Recruiting Firm

The cornerstone of an effective retention strategy is working with a reputable, experienced, specialized recruiting firm. The most effective executive recruiting firms have experienced, niche recruiting teams for specific fields. If you’re looking to hire a Sales or Marketing executive for your CPG corporation, for instance, you’d have the most success partnering with a firm featuring professional CPG recruiters. The simple fact is that you need industry professionals and specialists in order to source and evaluate the best talent for your field. Professional recruitment teams with specialized knowledge have the insight and skills necessary to source and assess true STAR candidates.

Document Extremely Clear Responsibilities

Partnering with an executive recruiting firm for hiring is just the first step to maximized retention. A partnership takes effort from both parties, and it’s important to provide your partner with as much information as possible to ensure success. A clear description of a position’s responsibilities is crucial and an additional way in which a quality executive recruiting firm is indispensable. They will work with you to fully outline and communicate your needs and the position requirements. Job description and responsibility delineation is about what isn’t expected, as well as what is expected, of a candidate. Nothing leads to burnout and dissatisfaction with a position faster than someone feeling that they’re taking on responsibilities and tasks outside their expected position’s parameters.

Give Them the Tools They Need

The expertise that specialized recruiting firms possess in a field gives them insight that can just about make every feature of the hiring process easier and more efficient. A good example is input on how best to provide talent with the tools they require for a position. As is the case with job description misunderstandings, feeling that you’re not being given the tools (or leeway), necessary to perform a role can negatively impact retention. A specialized, partnership-emphasizing executive recruiting firm is an invaluable resource for working with candidates to understand the resource allocation required for them to perform their roles to the best of their ability.

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