At BrainWorks, we’re passionate about solving your hiring challenges.

To ensure that we are able to serve all of our clients, we provide three types of search solutions: performance-based retained search, high-volume recruiting, and contingent search.

Our contingent search service offers our clients ultimate flexibility in their search for their next hire. With our contingent recruiting model, we only get paid if your organization hires our candidate. Your company gains access to our vast network of exceptional talent, without taking on the risk.

Why Contingent Search?

Eliminate the Risk

Our job is to find your organization the best person for the job. With our contingent search model, if we fail to find you the perfect hire, we don’t get paid.

Faster Hiring Process

Our contingency search team can cut weeks–or even months–off of your hiring process.

Interview Hard-to-Find Talent

As recruiting experts who have been solving hiring challenges since 1991, we know a lot of people. With our unique top-graded search process, our extensive database and expert teams running your contingency search, you’ll find difference makers that aren’t easily accessible in the market.

Unique Talent Assessment Process

In addition to finding candidates with a proven track record that fit your culture, our unique Talent Evaluation Process explores every dimension of an applicant’s candidacy to ensure you get the best professional available whether active in the market or harder to find.

Smarter Executive Recruiting

Enjoy the diligence, attention, and expertise of BrainWorks contingent search process. without sacrificing on finding the best talent. Contact our team to learn more about our approach to contingent search.