Cybersecurity Industry Compensation Guide

With all industries undergoing some level of digital transformation, businesses large and small are relying on technology to manage their day-to-day activities and processes, making cybersecurity a priority to safeguard data from various online attacks and unauthorized access.

What are competitive salaries in cybersecurity?

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Cybersecurity Industry Compensation Guide

At BrainWorks, we’re recognized as the leading cybersecurity recruiting firm, serving the entire United States and specializing in the recruitment of key cybersecurity talent.

In order to help organizations in the cybersecurity industry stay competitive and up-to-date, BrainWorks created this guide to help employers in evaluating their compensation rates to improve both retention and hiring initiatives.

It’s critical to offer competitive salaries, and we’ve compiled the most extensive market data in the cybersecurity market in this exclusive report.

Those in the cybersecurity profession are increasingly being called to new challenges to identify and proactively prevent threats and are facing increased pressure borne out of a stricter regulatory climate to protect organizations and increase resiliency. The role of a cybersecurity professional is increasingly that of a business risk manager who takes a proactive approach to information and data security, asking how attacks happen and what can be done to avoid them.

Our 2023 Cybersecurity Industry Compensation and Hiring Trends Guide gives you a window into the state of executive, management and engineering salaries and benefits today, plus hiring trends including:

  • Cybersecurity trend watch – including digital transformation, disaster recovery, and ransomware trends
  • Growth opportunities and challenges in cybersecurity – What should executives focus on to drive company growth and revenue?
  • Employment and benefits trends – From hybrid workplaces to salary transparency, discover how to attract and retain high-caliber talent for your organization
  • In-demand and emerging roles in cybersecurity – Identify critical roles and leverage our compensation benchmarks to acquire and retain the right talent.

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