Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Hiring diverse employees in an environment that offers a deep sense of belonging is proven to lead to an increase in productivity, morale, customer engagement, professional satisfaction, and growth. By harnessing proven strategies and leveraging a diverse candidate pool, BrainWorks helps businesses of all sizes find, attract, and ultimately hire talented diverse staff.

At BrainWorks, we value inclusion, belonging, respect, and dignity in everything we do. Our sincere goal is to connect the most qualified candidates to meaningful work inclusive of any strategic diversity, equity or inclusivity initiatives. This mission is shared across our entire organization and manifests itself in the work we do.

For nearly three decades, BrainWorks has proudly sourced and placed diverse talent across a variety of roles and industries.

Successfully locating and engaging diverse talent requires developing deep relationships with diverse networks and maintaining a commitment to advocacy, inclusivity, and belonging. Over decades of learning and practice, we developed an ever-improving method of earning genuine connections with diverse talent. This diversity and inclusion hiring strategy includes:

  • In addition to overall efforts, specifically sourcing diverse candidates across all verticals
  • Identifying top differentiated talent across the race, orientation, gender, ethnicity, and additional spectrums of difference
  • Participating in Diversity Equity and Inclusion thought leadership, conferences and dialogue.
  • Demonstrating through action, our understanding of the criticality of diverse and inclusive workplaces

With each search, we take the time needed to do a thorough discovery process to ensure we are representing diversity equity and inclusivity initiatives well to the market. Our recruiters are focused on overcoming unconscious bias in sourcing processes to remove barriers to elevating diversity. Listed below are additional strategies that help organizations hire racial and gender-diverse talent.

  1. Partner with clients to clarify specific diversity, equity and inclusivity goals and initiatives
  2. Practice ongoing learning about best practices and thought leadership with respect to hiring diverse talent
  3. Design sourcing strategy to reflect goals and initiatives identified during our discovery process
  4. Identify differentiated talent across the spectrums of difference aligned with agreed sourcing strategies and job requirements