Successful recruiting depends on planning for both the long and short term. Evaluate where your company is operating effectively and where you can use some improvement. Identify areas for growth or new initiatives or projects you would like to take on. Once you have analyzed your organization’s objectives, you can work with the right people to create an effective recruiting plan and outline the steps you must take to execute it.

Define the role.

What will the executive be tasked with? Determine what his long- and short-term objectives will be and what he is expected to bring to the organization. By defining what results you expect, you can identify the traits of the candidates most likely to achieve them.

Draw parameters.

What experience and abilities will the ideal candidate bring to the role? Decide how flexible you are willing to be with those requirements. Focus on what you need to accomplish rather than a preconceived notion of who can deliver those results, and you may be pleasantly surprised by your results.

Draft a plan.

Where will you find this ideal candidate? Look for referrals, both from current employees and industry colleagues who may be able to provide leads. Partner with consultants or executive search firms who have a strong understanding of your business and your goals.

Act quickly.

When you have a candidate in mind, don’t drag your feet. If you are courting a top performer, he is probably entertaining multiple offers. Don’t lose your top pick to the competition because of a sluggish or overly complicated hiring process.

Transition for retention.

The time between offer acceptance and the first thirty days is critical to long-term success. Create a transition plan to help your new executive hit the ground running. Help them disentangle from their previous role and give them the tools they need to succeed on the job from day one.

The most important part of a successful recruiting plan is partnering with people who understand your industry and can tailor a strategy to your specific needs. That’s where BrainWorks comes in. Partnering with a professional recruitment agency provides access to difficult-to-find talent and allows you to take a more strategic approach to hiring. Contact BrainWorks today to learn more.

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