Andy Miller, CEO of BrainWorks – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Advance Healthcare Network, Adjusting to a New Boss

Dallas, TX | 10/28/2016

By: Kirsten Malenke

If you’ve ever been asked if you like your job, it’s likely that you’ll bring up your job duties, your schedule, your co-workers, or your commute. It’s also quite likely that your boss will come up in the discussion. Why? Because like it or not, your boss has a significant impact on your overall job performance and satisfaction.

According to Andy Miller, President and CEO of BrainWorks, an affiliate of Sanford Rose Associates, “Any new employee, if they are smart, ought to be assessing the ‘lay of the land,’ which means they should be doing a lot of listening, observing, and asking a lot of questions.” What is your new boss’s management style? How does your new boss communicate? What are his or her goals and objectives, and specifically, what are his or her goals for you? Asking these questions will help you determine a timeline and priorities to meet those objectives.

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