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Brainworks NOV 9 1 | BrainWorks
2020-11-18 by BrainWorks

Strategies to Recruit Analytics and Data Science Talent in 2021

Analytics and Data Science professionals are driving strategy, digital transformation, personalization, revenue growth, and efficiencies across industries. Their… Read More

Brainworks NOV 6 | BrainWorks
2020-11-06 by BrainWorks

The Talent Shortage: Why Retaining Top Employees is More Important Than Ever

Studies often range on the exact financial burden of losing a senior leader. At the Manager, Vice President,… Read More

Chief Data Scientist – Top Skills Must-Haves
2020-10-20 by BrainWorks

Chief Data Scientist – Top Skills Must-Haves

The field of data science has continued to trend into an upward trajectory despite the impacts of COVID-19.… Read More

Brainworks OCT 3 | BrainWorks
2020-10-15 by BrainWorks

How to Secure Top 2% of Accounting & Finance Talent

Driving for the last points of EBITDA, the last points of margin, the last points of capital costs,… Read More

Healthcare Technology woman
2020-09-11 by BrainWorks

Healthcare Technology – 3 Emerging Revenue Opportunities

Healthcare technology leaders are continuously being asked to evolve as quickly as humanly possible to match rapid industry… Read More

Data Science coding on a laptop
2020-08-18 by BrainWorks

5 Most In-Demand Roles in Data Science and Analytics

Like coding, love, and even klingon, data has its own language that only a select few experts can… Read More

Digital Transformation two men looking at tablet
2020-08-10 by BrainWorks

How Digital Transformation is Changing Accounting and Finance

Every topic in this blog can help your business save time, money, and mental energy. The year 2020… Read More

Data Science machine learning algorithm neural networks digital screen
2020-07-08 by BrainWorks

The State of Data Science in 2020

Data science is an essential ingredient to the digital transformation movement that has impacted every industry over the… Read More

digital marketing overlay office
2020-06-25 by BrainWorks

The Latest Trends in eCommerce (And Why They Matter)

The past several months have thrown planet-sized disruptions at virtually every industry, and organizations have scrambled to adapt… Read More

big data consumer products person on computer
2020-05-22 by BrainWorks

BrainWorks Launches New Improved Website

After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website! A new website… Read More