Big data offers an opportunity to take a strategic and analytic approach to increasing your business and profitability. However, leaders in this field require a unique skill set. Along with management skills, they must have mathematical and analytic skills to understand it and marketing skills that allow them to apply it to increasing your business.

Start with your job description.

Job descriptions can be just another dull piece of copy or they can be a genuine marketing tool. Consider the ideal candidate for the position and draft the description to include details that will attract him or her. If you want someone strong on analytics, include plenty of facts and data. If you want a true visionary, help the reader to see what they can achieve in the role. Job descriptions can no longer be a simple recitation of tasks and requirements if you want the best results.

Look to the big picture.

When deciding the skills and experience you seek for in your big data management roles, consider how the positions fit into the organization as a whole. Who will they report to and who will report to them? What will their spheres of influence be and what do they need to bring to the table to make an impact? Data encompasses all facets of the organization. Don’t focus too narrowly.

Consider your tiebreakers.

Assuming more than one candidate can fulfill the requirements of the position, what will you look for to determine the best choice? Do you want someone who will fit seamlessly into the current structure or would you prefer someone who can shake things up a bit? Will you lean more towards someone with strong experience or the candidate with a vision for the future?

Improve your interview process.

Don’t just throw interviewers into the mix if they cannot make a genuine contribution. You need a cross-section of people to determine the best candidate for the position; however, bringing in too many people can just muddy the waters. Choose skilled interviewers who will be directly impacted by the hire.

Take a strategic approach.

Don’t wait until your needs are critical to begin recruiting. Make connections, build relationships, be prepared for when the need arises. The skill sets required in this field are so specialized that it’s critical you are prepared well ahead of need, or risk hiring someone who is not quite the right fit.

Partner with a specialized recruiter.

Work with the recruiting experts at BrainWorks to find Big Data management professionals. We can help you identify and attract leaders with the management and analytic skills your organization needs to remain competitive in today’s data-driven marketplace. Contact us today to begin your search.

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