Analytics & Data Sciences

  • Placing mid- to senior-level executives since 1993.
  • Focuses on CRM, Direct and Database Marketing, Campaign Management, Circulation and Loyalty Marketing.
  • Our clients include: Retail, Consumer Package Goods, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Advertising agencies, Consulting firms and Catalog companies across the United States and Canada.

 Examples of Analytics & Data Sciences Searches

  • Chief Analytics Officer
  • VP/Director/Manager, Advanced Analytics/Decision Sciences
  • VP/Director/Manager, Statistical Modeling
  • VP/Director/Manager, Customer Analytics
  • VP/Director/Manager, Growth Analytics
  • VP/Director/Manager, Web Analytics
  • VP/Director/Manager, Big Data

When you are looking for C-Level and executive professionals in the field of data sciences and analytics, look no further than BrainWorks.

Since 1993, we have been a leader in executive recruitment. Our proven Talent Evaluation Process finds the superior talent that you need to extract and analyze the data that you need to help grow your business.

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