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2022-05-19 by BrainWorks

Recruiting And Hiring Top-Tier Sales Professionals

In times of uncertain supply chains and unreliable delivery, salespeople are far more than order takers. Their relationship… Read More

Supply Chain
2022-05-12 by BrainWorks

Recruiting Excellent Sales Talent in a Time of Uncertain Supply Chains

Volatile demand wreaks havoc for all parts of a business organization, but nowhere more than in Supply Chain… Read More

2022-05-05 by BrainWorks

The Role of Corporate Development Talent in Rapid Growth PE Environments

Any business organization has two means of growth – Business Development and Corporate Development. Business Development (BizDev) can… Read More

BW 56 What Makes Great Chief People Officer 1
2022-04-28 by BrainWorks

What Makes a Great Chief People Officer?

The role of what has traditionally been called Human Resources has changed dramatically over the past 25 or… Read More

Chief Procurement Officer
2022-04-21 by BrainWorks

The Critical Role of the Chief Procurement Officer

Conventionally, the role of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is focused on sourcing, procurement and supply management for… Read More

2022-04-07 by BrainWorks

Volatility, The War In Ukraine And The Battle For Commodities Trading Talent

As 2022 began, the global economy appeared to be on a predictable course. With businesses reopening, labor tightening,… Read More

2022-03-31 by BrainWorks

Women on Boards – Still an Underutilized Resource

According to Equilar, as of the end of 2021, women held 26.7% of the Russell 3000 company board… Read More

2022-03-10 by BrainWorks

The Evolving Role of Leadership in eCommerce

eCommerce has revolutionized business, operating at blazing speeds and incredible efficiency. Products can be seen online with unprecedented… Read More

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
2022-03-03 by BrainWorks

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: The Role Of The Historical Majority

In an article in the January-February 2022 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Associate Editor Dagny Dukach notes… Read More

2022-02-24 by BrainWorks

Hiring the Right DEI Executive

On January 18, LinkedIn came out with their listing of the 25 fastest-growing job titles over the past… Read More