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2020-06-25 by renata

The Latest Trends in eCommerce (And Why They Matter)

The past several months have thrown planet-sized disruptions at virtually every industry, and organizations have scrambled to adapt… Read More

2020-05-22 by renata

BrainWorks Launches New Improved Website

After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website! A new website… Read More

2020-01-22 by renata

Hiring Executives in the Age of Amazon

In the age of Amazon, whether competing with the online marketplace juggernaut or utilizing it, making the most… Read More

2020-01-15 by renata

Why Your CPG Business Needs Top Data and Analytics Executive Talent

Not long ago, data science and analytics was an anomaly in the business world. It was a luxury… Read More

2020-01-06 by renata

Choose a Recruiting Firm with These Values to Find Top Executive Candidates

When contracting with a boutique recruiting firm to hire for an executive level position within, for example, the… Read More

2019-12-23 by renata

Expressing Company Culture During the Hiring Process to Ensure the Perfect Executive Hire

Effective executive recruiting is one of the most complex and crucial activities that a company can engage in—the… Read More

2019-12-16 by renata

Identifying the Traits of Great Leaders in Executive Candidates

Identifying leadership skills when hiring for C-suite talent is crucial for a successful fit. Ensuring success in any… Read More

2019-12-05 by renata

Is Your Executive Hiring Process Helping You Win Top Talent?

A strong, humming economy is virtually never bad news for employers, with one exception—when it comes time to… Read More

2019-11-18 by renata

The Unique Challenges of C-Level Hiring and How Executive Recruiters Can Help

For a relevant window into the unique challenges and importance of executive and C-level hiring, consider ecommerce recruitment.… Read More

2019-11-05 by renata

How Much Is Mediocre Talent Costing Your Business?

How Much Is Mediocre Talent Costing Your Business? Replacing a senior-level employee can be a daunting ordeal. Experienced… Read More