Data-driven performance-based management is your key to success as a CMO. Your goal is to continually improve strategies and methods to connect with customers and stakeholders.

Consider these tips to make this happen:

  1. Overcome Big Data TMI. The sheer volume and types of data available to you can be overwhelming. Your challenge is to cut through the clutter and find key insights to drive your marketing messages. The ability to pinpoint vital sales drivers is critical as you measure campaign performance and understand ROI.
  2. Find the right data experts. Hire the right experts to extract actionable data from the noise as you develop an omnichannel approach to reach all your targeted customers. You need to balance all the right social channels while keeping an eye on the horizon for the next big thing. Look for IT pros who will teach you something every time you sit down with them.
  3. Partner with your sales team. Sales has always been a driving force in business. The data now available allows your marketing team to have a more equitable relationship with its sales counterparts. Eliminate the silo mentality and encourage collaboration. This applies to all functions across your organization.
  4. Make PR work for you. One of the best methods of building credibility and drawing attention to your brand is through solid PR. Use earned media to get the word out about new products and developments, company advancements and contributions, corporate citizenship and your organization’s leadership within marketable segments.
  5. Develop a human road map. Create a marketing plan that is human focused. Begin by identifying with your customers. This means developing a deep understanding of where they are in life and how your product or service meets their current needs. Tailor your strategy and the content of your messages to your audience. The specifics will change with time and circumstances; your human road map is an ongoing work in progress.
  6. Less can be more. Educate and encourage your customers, but allow them to shop on their own time. It is best not to inundate them with messages, especially if they are new. In one case study, the “less-is-more” approach resulted in a 20 percent increase in customer participation.

The future has never looked brighter or more exciting for CMOs. The amount of data that is continuously being generated and the best methods for converting it into business results can be staggering; however, think of it as unlimited opportunity. Harness it and make it work for you.

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