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Consumer Insight and Marketing Research Professional? Five LinkedIn Groups You Should Join

Groups are LinkedIn’s most valuable resource for networking, garnering industry resources and demonstrating your professional expertise. They are conduits to social conversations and they allow you to follow top influencers in your field.

While there is no particular prestige attached to simply joining a LinkedIn group, you can tremendously enhance your visibility by being a regular, active participant. Approach groups as you would any business relationship. Get to know fellow members and their needs in lieu of selling yourself. By introducing your abilities via unselfish activity, you will build rapport – and mutually beneficial partnerships will naturally follow.

There are a myriad of LinkedIn groups for consumer insight and marketing research specialists. Here are five top considerations based on their membership depth and breadth. Bullet points outline group topics and resource areas.

Consumer Insights Interest Group

Members share best practices with regards to understanding, validating and articulating consumer insights. This private group was created in April 2008 and has 54,315 members.

  • Utilization of consumer insights to develop business growth strategies that resonate with high-value target consumers.
  • Branding and communications research.

Marketing Research Association

This private group of 19,709 members was established in October 2007.

Founded in 1957, the Marketing Research Association is the largest and leading association of the survey, opinion and market research profession. There are 12 MRA chapters nationwide, two of which have subgroups on the LinkedIn page.

  • Insights and intelligence to guide business decisions and provide consumer products and services.

Future Trends

Join this group to connect with future thinkers representing a diverse cross section of industries, including marketing, brand and product management, consumer insights, strategic planning, product development, innovation and trend tracking. It is a private group of 275,915 members, founded in July 2008.

  • Social media strategies to drive revenue, cut costs and energize conversation around your brand.
  • Tactics and resources specific to the family, children’s, tween and teen market segments.
  • Ideas and innovations for professionals focusing on the European marketplace.

Insight Innovation Forum Market Research Group

This public group has 14,566 members. It facilitates learning and discussion in various aspects of market research and innovation and addresses current business challenges.

  • Net promoter scores and the impact of social media on consumer intent.
  • Big data, data mining and how to optimize web listening.
  • Data visualization in market research.
  • Customer and marketing analytics.
  • Qualitative research methods and reporting.
  • Mobile surveys for instant enhanced data.

Market Research Marketing Professionals Group

This public group has 9,330 members. Its focus is on the role of marketing scientists and the necessity of market research as a core business function.

  • Essential tools for successful market research projects.
  • Content marketing as a consumer behavior driver.
  • Survey writing, development and process implementation.

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