As an executive, you understand that it may be necessary to change companies multiple times as you climb the career ladder, and sometimes you’ll find that you need to make a move sooner than you had anticipated. Here are some telltale signs that it may be time to ask your recruiter to launch your confidential search.

You Can Go No Further within the Company

If there is no promotion path you can follow from your current position, or none that interest you, it may be time to update your resume. Remaining in a position where you are stagnant does nothing positive for the company or your career.

You’re Not a Great Fit

For example, if you’re an innovator in a company that is resistant to change, you will gain nothing by staying in the role. Staying in an organization or position that is not the best fit is frustrating and unproductive. Not every role is the best match. Recognizing this sooner rather than later is more productive for all concerned.

The Reporting Structure Has Changed

If you report to a different person, particularly someone you don’t mesh well with, you may want to consider moving on. New managers frequently want to bring in their own people, and you may soon find your responsibilities shifted or decreased.

Your Company or Industry Is On a Downswing

Remaining with a company that is unable to adapt to market changes or an industry that is suffering will do nothing for your career. Look for ways to leverage your experience in a more vital industry or in a company with a stronger bottom line.

Loss of Confidence in Senior Leaders

The leadership sets the tone for the entire organization. If they are not trusted internally, people won’t perform at their peak. If it reaches to those outside the company, investors can even be affected. If your senior team no longer earns your respect, consider other options.

Lack of Clear Communication

Clear communication is essential to business. If you don’t know what is expected of you, or worse, are suddenly shut out of vital meetings or other communications, your position may be in jeopardy.

An executive-level job search could take six months to a year or more, especially if you are targeting a specific geography or industry. Failure to react swiftly to signs that you should look for a new job can limit your career options.

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