How to Work with BrainWorks

Step 1: Check out our current jobs

See something that appeals to you? You can apply right from our website.

Don’t see the right job?

If you have a proven track record of success in any of the industries we serve, we’d love to see your resume. Use the Submit Resume form to send us your information right now.

Step 2: We’ll contact you for an initial call.

If we have a job opening that’s a match for your skills and experience, we will contact you right away to schedule an initial meeting (usually by phone or Skype). During this call, we will discuss your skills, experience and career goals.

What if you don’t hear from us?

If you don’t hear anything right away, that just means that we do not currently have a job that’s an exact fit for your skills. We’ll do our best to contact you as soon as we can. However, please feel free to send a follow-up email if you would like.

Step 3: Talent Evaluation Process

Once we have identified a job that looks to be a good match for your background, we’ll walk you through our proprietary Talent Evaluation Process. This process includes more in-depth interviews where we can better understand your accomplishments, competencies, problem-solving and thinking skills, management and organizational ability, as well as your energy, drive and motivators.

Don’t worry, the process is painless. And it really helps us virtually guarantee a great fit with any future employer.

Step 4: Interviews

Once we know all about you, we present your information to the employer. And we do a lot more than just send them your resume. We prepare a detailed presentation that shows your talents in the best light. At this point, our role is to facilitate interviews with the employer, which may be done in person or by video conference.

Just a word of warning. Every employer is different. You may interview with one person. Or you may have a team interview. It may be in person or by web cam. Or it may be all of the above. As your career advisor, we will ensure you are thoroughly prepared for each employer, and we will give you the “inside information” you need to ensure your best interview.

Step 5: Offer negotiation

BrainWorks acts as a liaison during the offer negotiation process. Our job is to ensure that both parties have accurate information about salary trends and we will help you deal with any issues in the process.

Step 6: Acceptance and onboarding

As your career advisor, we’ll be there to provide guidance throughout your transition. We can make it easier to resign from your current position, effectively address counteroffers, manage relocation, and make a smooth transition to your new employer. Whenever you need advice, we’ll be here to help.