Great recruitment partners make the most important thing you do – attracting, hiring and retaining top talent – easier and more effective. They save you money, increase your productivity and help you become a better manager and leader.

Your relationship with your search consulting firm must be based on mutual respect and trust. You have to be 100 percent open and comfortable with them and they have to truly “get” your company, its culture and its current and future hiring needs.

How do you achieve this critical balance?

Collaborate on the Process

Be open and transparent with your search consultant on the needs, challenges and expectations of your hiring plans.

  • Evaluate your staffing needs. Your recruitment partner can use this information to help you stay ahead of the hiring curve. For instance, make them aware of peak seasons and annual patterns so a proactive plan can be formulated.
  • Discuss potential obstacles. Be prepared to address any real or potential barriers to hiring success. Include past, current and anticipated future concerns.
  • Share all the details. Tell your search consultant as much as you know about your company mission, value, culture and needs. The better overall understanding they have of your organization, the better equipped they will be to fulfill your needs.
  • Submit detailed work orders. Let your recruitment partner know exactly what you’re looking for in candidates. The more specific you are, the more selective your consultant can be in evaluating potential new hires.

Collaborate on the Candidates

Be sure you’re on the same page as your search consultant regarding the talent traits and attributes necessary to achieve your hiring goals.

  • Accurately describe your vision of the job. Be as transparent as possible in sharing details of your job descriptions and the impact of each position on business results.
  • Value candidate potential over experience. Instead of insisting on a perfect match of desired skills and experience, agree to see candidates who have accomplished more than expected given their current career levels. This will open your potential talent pool to some amazing individuals.
  • Agree to see the candidates that your search consultant recommends. Have your search consultant prove candidates’ worth and illustrate how they’ve achieved pinnacles comparable to or even beyond the most important tasks outlined in your job description. Then, cooperate with your recruiting firm so you both can achieve a successful outcome.
  • Provide feedback. An open line of communication with your recruiting firm is the key to a successful long-term partnership. If a candidate exceeds or falls short of your expectations, share the details with your recruiting partner. This allows them to fine-tune the selection process to best meet your needs.
  • Take ownership. Your recruitment consultant will orchestrate the hiring process from start to finish, but it’s up to you to own it and seal the deal. You must be fully committed and engaged every step of the way.

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