It’s critical to fully evaluate a recruiting firm before deciding to do business with them. If you select the wrong firm, chances are it will be the start of a downward spiral as the result will be getting the wrong hires. Do your homework, starting with a thorough check of a firm’s online presence.

Know Their Process

What do a recruiting firm’s website and social media platforms tell you about their process? This includes identifying candidates, sourcing talent and leveraging recruitment technology. A firm should have comprehensive methods for evaluating candidates and producing shortlists in a timely fashion. They can then coordinate interviews, coach interviewers, obtain candidate feedback, conduct reference and background checks and assist in salary negotiation and offer presentation.

  • Good candidates come from many sources. Your firm should apply a multifaceted approach to every search. This includes tapping into the passive candidate market as well as utilizing their industry and position-specific knowledge, market intelligence and contacts.

Recruitment Options

Various recruitment options are available, depending on your needs. Those needs will vary, so look for a firm that offers a menu including:

  • Performance-based searches: These are tailored to filling C-level and similar vacancies or to mining hard-to-find talent in high-demand areas.
  • Contingent searches: This can be an ideal option for mid-management and professional positions where multiple recruiting sources are being used.
  • A high-volume plan: This is applied in situations where you need A-level talent for numerous open positions. For instance, you may be undergoing a market expansion or new product development.

What’s Their Track Record?

You don’t have time for weak leads. You need to know a recruiting firm’s success rate when it comes to time to source, percentage of interviewees hired, tenure, repeat business and customer references. Look for all these items as part of your online research.

  • What are their current customers saying about them? Find out who their signature clients are and what their experience has been. Ask about their customer retention rate. Evaluate their testimonials – both on their website and any third-party review sites.
  • References are reflective of repeat business. Does a recruiting firm have extensive experience in your industry, filling the type of position you have open, in your location? The right firm is the one that has been successful on the tough searches and has the references to prove it.
  • Get a feel for their industry experience. It’s critical that your recruitment partner has a strong working knowledge of your business, industry and market. This includes excellent selling skills and the know-how to ask penetrating questions. Take it a step further by ensuring they have experience recruiting at the level you need. For example, you don’t want a staff-level recruiter attempting to evaluate a senior executive. Your firm should be excited about, committed to and capable of completing your assignment.

Trust and Respect

When all is said and done, you have to be able to trust your recruiting firm. You’ll share confidential information with them which you don’t disclose to just anyone.

  • Search partner involvement should be start to finish. The individual who is your primary recruiting firm contact should be involved in candidate research, search and sourcing, screening, evaluation, negotiation and deal closing. You don’t want to work with someone who sells the deal to you, then hands it off to someone else. You deserve more.
  • Ask yourself: Will I be proud to have this person represent my company? Reflect carefully on your answer. You know what your needs and vision are, so this will help you make the right decision.

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