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4 Pivotal Questions to Ask Before Accepting an Executive Job Offer

As an executive, every career move you make should be a strategic one. Bring the same measured, thoughtful decision-making process to your professional advancement as you do your workday. Doing so ensures your career success in both the short term and the long term. Begin with these four pivotal questions.

Will this position help you to further your career goals?

Taking a lateral move may be wise if you have a clear reason for doing so. Is the economy particularly weak? Will this job position you for a better move down the road? Are you moving into a new functional area? Your career is like a chess game. Each move should be well thought out and have an ultimate purpose. Take a step back to be sure you are not being swayed by high compensation, a big name or promises that may not come through.

Is there a clear definition of success?

Know why you are being hired, what is expected of you and how long you have to achieve it. Is the company saddling you with an impossible task? Is your role undefined? As an executive you are accustomed to getting things done, but without clear parameters your intended efforts may differ from the organization’s priorities.

Will you have the support you need to meet objectives?

Making an impact is even more challenging when you don’t have what you need. Will you be able to hire your own team? Is the budget you are provided adequate to the objective you are given? Are your peers and superiors on the same page? Without their buy-in, it is close to impossible to collaborate with other departments and motivate employees.

What is your Plan B?

Even with the best of intentions things can go wrong. Priorities can shift, management can change. If the unexpected occurs, what is your next move? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of taking on new challenges. Expect the best, plan for the worst. What resources must you have in place to find and secure your next position?

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