Marketing is about chemistry between a company and its customers. Success is based on a synergy that is carefully built from research, strategy and campaigning. As a marketing executive, you are hired to be a thinker and a relationship builder. During your interview, you need to demonstrate your creativity, organizational capability and professionalism.

Use these tips to nail your next executive marketing interview:

Research the company and your interviewers.

Know what the company does and what it stands for. Having a firm grip on the organization demonstrates your interest in the specific position – not just any job. Find background on your interviewers and their roles.

Connect on social media.

Check out the company’s website, as well as recent blog posts, news stories and profiles.

Brainstorm potential questions ahead of time.

Brainstorm what you might be asked ahead of time to avoid being blindsided on a particular interview question.

Avoid rambling. Be careful with body language and avoid “ums” and “ohs.”

If a question catches you off guard, pause and think before jumping into a response.

Dress for success and act the part.

Be a pro from start to finish. Dress conservatively and arrive for your interview fashionably early.

A business suit is standard protocol. There may be exceptions, so try to find out company dress code ahead prior to your interview; then opt for something just slightly more upscale. For instance, wear a tailored, business-casual outfit even if accepted daily attire is jeans.

Don’t wear anything that would distract the interviewer away from you. Avoid very bright colors, too much jewelry or cologne, or any other excesses.

Bring your collateral material.

Bring extra copies of your resume to share, as well as samples of your best work. When preparing your portfolio, include pieces most relevant to the position. Like your resume and cover letter, this should be tailored to the specific job opportunity.

Weave your portfolio into the conversation for a natural flow as you discuss your experience, rather than just handing it over at the end.

Be a conversationalist.

The best interviewees tend to be those who turn a standard Q&A session into a naturally flowing dialogue.

Listen, respond and then ask follow-up questions. Contribute your thoughts and opinions. This keeps interviewers engaged. Take care not to interrupt or dominate the conversation.

Follow up.

Stay in touch after your interview, regardless of the outcome. Your immediate follow-up should be personalized, handwritten notes to each person involved. Pull in any relevant information from discussion you had with that person.

Check in periodically to get a status update or share a relevant article. Even if you don’t land the job, you will stay top of mind when another one opens up.

Keep your professional references informed.

Bring a list of your professional references to your interview if you have not already provided one. Let your references know with whom you are interviewing so they will be prepared when contacted.

  • Send your references the same personal marketing communications that you provide to interviewers. This keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Always, always thank your references. Find a way to give value back to them.

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