An organization’s success depends on hiring the right people and giving them the opportunity to grow. The best employees are driven not by money, but by being in sync with your company’s mission, vision and values.

Optimize Your Employer Value Proposition

It is critically important to know the unique qualities of your company that you can leverage to attract the kind of A-level talent you want.

  • Understand your current top performers. Use an empirical approach to get the attention of the candidates who would be the most likely to thrive within your organization. Learn why your current superstar employees were drawn to your company – and why they have stayed there. Base your hiring methodology on data. Use it to create messages that speak to and entice A-level players.
  • Your EVP must reflect your values. Make sure the message you are using to source and attract talent accurately reflects a culture in which they would want to work. Apply communication methods that allow candidates to learn what they should expect from the position. If you succeed, you will appeal to professionals who are not only high performers, but also more likely to connect with your corporate values – and remain engaged in the job.

Use Your Culture to Attract the Best

Look beyond job-mandated skills to find candidates who best fit your organization and its values.

  • Weave culture into your hiring process. The only experience candidates have with your company comes through their recruiting and interview experience. The way they are treated is likely to impact their opinion of your organization far more than your website, blog or any other influencer. In a recent survey, 64.3 percent of candidates reported that they would share a negative experience with their inner circle.
  • Providing an excellent candidate experience positively impacts your brand. The same research shows that a positive hiring experience can affect not only a candidate’s decision on where to work, but also the way in which new hires approach their roles. Fifteen percent of candidates who felt well treated during their hiring process put in extra motivation once on board in their new companies.

Differentiate Your Company

If your organization has a clear purpose, then your employees tend to be more invested. As you are hiring, strategize how you can set your company apart from the competition. Which values make you unique?

  • Focus on communication. Convey your values effectively. Be sure everyone in your organization is on the same page. Seventy percent of businesses see ineffective communication as their number-one problem. If your prospective hires – and current employees – truly understand your culture and why it is important, it will be much easier to ensure that your brand message spreads, both internally and externally.

The executive search consultants at BrainWorks can match you with candidates who “get” your corporate culture and fully grasp the importance of your brand message. Contact us today to learn more.

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