There are several distinct phases to the hiring cycle and often there are numerous people involved in the decision making process. When the hiring cycle drags on and it isn’t wrapped up in a timely manner you’re more likely to lose talent along the way. Here are a few tips for shortening the hire cycle so that you can attract and keep top talent.

Clear Plans

Be sure that you have a clear plan including a timeline and assessment of all organization members who will be involved in the process. A good plan also includes a clear job description as well as an accurate description of the company. A good description of the company, its environment and potential growth opportunities for candidates improves your chances of attracting highly qualified candidates. Job seekers are not only looking for a great position but they’re also looking for the right culture and they want to work for a company that has room for career growth.

Gather the Stakeholders

Getting buy-in from all stakeholders in advance speeds the process. And getting their availability on the calendar before hand will avoid potential conflict and disagreement when it comes time to set appointments and make critical decisions. Having a well-planned timeline will keep things on track. If the decision makers are informed early on in the process and their availability is mapped out you’re much more likely to keep to the timeline and close the deal with a great candidate.

Clear Communication

Once you have their buy-in, be sure to communicate with stakeholders along the way so everything is on track. Communicate with decision-makers about the role they are to play and their and responsibilities during each phase. It’s especially important to communicate the timeline to your interviewees so they stay engaged and interested. When candidates are involved in the process and know when to expect to hear from you they’re less likely to drift or disappear.

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