How To Identify The Right Recruiter For Your Interim Hiring Needs

Executives who build healthy and reliable relationships with the right recruiters may outsource the hiring process with confidence. Top-level interim recruiters share specific and desirable characteristics, and executives who are aware of these qualities have an edge over their competition.

Engage with Integrity

Find a recruiter who is honest about their capabilities. Companies that use recruiting services often disclose that firms overstate their ability to find appropriate hires. They end up spending time trying to source a project that is simply out of reach for them. Recruiters who are willing to refer executives to more suitable services, with no financial incentive to do so, are worthwhile partners for solving more appropriate hiring needs in the future.

Look for Experience

Look for a recruiter with a track record of successful placements at a variety of companies in different markets. Companies agree that diversified recruiting firms are capable of adapting to the specific needs of their clients. They often have large networks to tap into during the search for an appropriate candidate. Their breadth of experience gives them a discerning eye for spotting talent.

Implement Feedback

Recruiters who take and implement feedback from both their clients as well as their candidates are a cut above the rest. They adapt to the wants and needs of the clients with whom they work, and cater to the specific needs of their candidates. This ensures that the recruiter is doing what is best for the client rather than looking after their own interests. This also ensures that recruiters understand the candidates in their client’s market so they can be more effective in finding quality hires. Implementing feedback establishes an iterative process that targets the most qualified candidates.

Curiosity & Humility

Executives state that they seek out quality recruiters who ask questions to find out as much information as possible about their client’s hiring needs. Recruiters who are more concerned about how they are perceived than actually getting the job done will pretend to know more than they do and not take the time to ask appropriate questions. Recruiters who accept that they may not know everything, and are curious enough to ask probing questions, are more capable of finding the right hire the first time around.

Develop a Long-Term Relationship

Over time, executives state that they trust that their recruiter will find appropriate candidates for the desired position or project.  This significantly reduces the amount of time that is required to start a new project or undergo a major transition.  If the recruiter knows the market, and intimately understands a client’s needs, then they will be able to provide candidates that can be hired onsite with no questions asked. Once this relationship is built, it will considerably increase a client’s adaptability and flexibility in the market, giving them an edge over their competition.



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