Driving for the last points of EBITDA, the last points of margin, the last points of capital costs, and high-efficiency tax strategies requires finance leadership that can flex from FP&A to operations and logistics, from the balance sheet to equity waterfall tables, from critical strategic initiatives and their associated costs to the expense that can and must be identified and mitigated.


The complexities required of top accounting and finance leadership means that securing the top 1 or 2% of talent in a competitive market can have eight and nine-figure outcomes for your organization, your shareholders, and your future trajectory.

Why Hire Differentiated CFO and CAO Talent

Unpacking the numerous financial, operational, and efficiency-based benefits directly (and indirectly) correlated with hiring a top 1 or 2% accounting and/or finance leader could span several blog posts. In addition to direct performance, proper finance and accounting leadership can: 

  • Accelerate the removal of business constraints
  • Rapidly identify and improve efficiencies
  • Drive results in complex capital markets
  • Properly design equity structures, options, debt instruments, and treasury strategies
  • Discern synergies and opportunities within and beyond organizational structures
  • Prepare, design, and present financials, audit materials, and equity presentations in a powerful way to the street, the board, private markets, potential partners, and stakeholders

Executive leadership that yields eye-opening financial results on a recurring basis is not widely available in the talent marketplace. Rarely do these individuals apply for a C-level position through traditional means. Often, C-level talent is aware of jobs in their marketplace. They may have heard about a new position from their direct networks or have been contacted by smile-and-dial recruiting outreach from firms who don’t understand executive leadership’s day-to-day functions.  

BrainWorks Executive Accounting and Finance Recruiters

As an organization that recruits exceptional accounting and financial leadership talent, Brainworks understands the nuances and the industry depth and insight required to help you win.

At BrainWorks, we have access to a vast pool of talented Accounting and Finance executives. Our 30 years of data-driven, deep network expertise in this field gives us a differentiated competitive advantage to our peers, which will translate directly to your results.  Our Finance and Accounting Team have both over a decade of direct industry experience in addition to their recruiting excellence.

Provided you’re aiming to accelerate your hiring process for an accounting or finance position, contact us today. You’ll expedite your candidate search while recruiting a top performer.

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