Social Media Manager


Evanston IL


Industry 1: Dairy
Industry 2: Food & Beverages
Industry 3: Food Production

Job ID: EB-2557792236
Category: Sales and Marketing
Location: Evanston, IL

Picture yourself at the forefront of a mission to infuse an iconic product with irresistible charisma across the digital and social spheres. From crafting market-specific enchantment to breathing local life into global sensations, you’ll be co-creating and unleashing content pillars and channel strategies that redefine our brand with a sizzling, digital-first vision. Ready to fuse food trends, pop culture, and audience passions with an irresistible brand and products?

The Heart-Pounding Responsibilities Await You!

  • Command the Social Universe: You’ll be the master of ceremonies for the brand across social media platforms. Your task? To transform the brand’s daily narrative through the lens of popular culture and purpose, seizing every opportunity to lead and participate in riveting, zeitgeist-driven conversations.
  • Unleash the Social Community: Your charisma will breathe life into a thriving social media community. Your radar will detect opportunities for engagement and spot any potential risks, which you’ll deftly pass on to the right teams.
  • Craft Social Content Magic: You’ll own the magical process of social content development from start to finish. From talent negotiations to budget mastery and social content brainstorming, you’ll be the wizard behind the curtain.
  • Consumer Connection: Your digital charm will shine as you answer daily consumer queries through various channels like social media, the website question desk, and even phone calls.
  • Brand Ambassador Extraordinaire: Collaborating closely with Brand Managers and Innovation teams, you’ll channel the voice of the consumer. You’ll post captivating content and steer the daily operations of various social channels, igniting equity and growth.
  • Content Calendar Maestro: You’ll compose a symphony of content that harmonizes with and expands marketing initiatives. Short-term or long-term, you’ll masterfully choose the methods and channels that resonate with each segment of our audience. Your content effectiveness radar will be on constant alert, backed by data insights and analytics.


  • 3+ Years of Social Media Wizardry: You’ve already spent at least 3 years mastering the art of social media management and content development.
  • CPG Savvy: You’ve danced through the challenges of the CPG world, expertly managing content channels at scale, ideally bringing a passion for food.
  • Strategic Visionary: You not only interpret brand strategy but bring your unique perspective to the table, making waves in the decision-making process.
  • Channel Connoisseur: You’ve got a backstage pass to publishing cycles, and you’re acutely aware of all major content channels.
  • Social-First Sage: Your track record includes being a brand’s go-to social-first channel expert, with a knack for community management and crafting irresistible content strategies.
  • Communications Champion: You have the gift of conveying success and opportunities to senior stakeholders with clarity and charisma, leaving the jargon behind.
  • Culture Connoisseur: Your finely-tuned senses are immersed in contemporary culture, and you’re well-versed in the leading content platforms and channels.

Characteristics for success:

  • Forward-Thinking Trailblazer: You lead others through change, contributing to strategic plans that promise a positive social impact and embracing competitive challenges.
  • Ownership Maverick: You empower performance, uphold quality, and drive delivery. Your courage and initiative are rewarded, and you’re the navigator toward sustainable growth.

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