Guy Gomis, Partner, and CRM, Analytics & Data Sciences Practice Leader at BrainWorks, featured in new book on AI and Machine Learning


Guy O. Gomis, Partner, and CRM, Analytics & Data Sciences Practice Leader at BrainWorks featured in new book – ANALYTICS IN THE AGE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The Why and the How of using Analytics to Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence.

The introduction of AI, automation, and data storytelling to the world of analytics has had an immediate impact on the end-users of analytics and the companies who work in the industry. While many companies worry about how this technology will impact their organization, Guy Gomis, Partner and Data Analytics leader at BrainWorks, believes that the best companies will capitalize on this trend as top businesses have done in the past.

Although data analysis has long required extensive time investment in data preparation, dashboard building, and digging for insights, AI is transforming the industry. But is this change a cause for concern?

“The book is about how companies are applying artificial intelligence, but like everything else, not everyone is going to be successful at doing it. I was featured since we place a lot of experienced professionals and have a lot of expertise in working on searches that require  candidates to have AI experience  and a strong  AI background,” said Mr. Gomis.

Guy established BrainWorks’ CRM, Analytics & Data Sciences practice in 1995. He has been in the executive search industry since 1993 and has been at the forefront of executive search in the Analytics industry.

Mr. Gomis argues that the best companies find a way to bring expertise and value consistently regardless of trend. AI can provide a tremendous opportunity if you are adaptable and maintain a laser focus on growth and success. He argues that while trends may change, the need for specialized expertise and a clear plan remains constant.

“AI is not something to be scared about. There are lessons to be learned about what you can do to be successful, and as long as you learn the lesson from other trends in the past, you can respond really well. We don’t have to accept a 90% failure rate with companies; it doesn’t have to be that way. Companies can do AI really well, but there are some specific steps you have to take to be successful at it.”



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