Working with an executive search firm is about more than just finding top talent to fill your leadership vacancies.

Your recruitment partner is a key resource for market intelligence, benchmarking and best practices in talent attraction, acquisition, retention and management.

The Best Candidates Already Have Jobs

Top recruiters specialize in the original sourcing of passive candidates – those who don’t read help wanted ads or actively circulate their resumes. These are the proven performers – those in the top five to 10 percent of their profession. If you want to hire them, you have to find them. That’s where your recruitment expert earns their keep. They know how to access these superstar candidates; in fact, they may already be representing them.

You Can’t Afford Hiring Mistakes

The cost of a failed executive hire can be upwards of three times the individual’s first-year salary compounded by the hit on morale and overall good will that may result. A skilled recruiting specialist:

  • Provides objective analyses of candidates and thorough follow-up on professional references. This saves time by screening potential hires against your unique needs. Throughout the process, your anonymity is preserved.
  • Has a solid working knowledge of your business and industry. They speak your language and quickly see through exaggerations and gaps on resumes. Their experience, candidate database and robust professional network enable them to instinctively know where to look – or not look – for the talent you need.

A Partnership Throughout the Hiring Process

Your recruiting specialist works with you to accurately define your hiring needs based on current business demands. They help you develop an accurate, detailed job description and compensation package. From there, your recruitment partner will:

  • Seek out and identify candidates with the skill set, experience, personality and character best suited to the position and your organization.
  • Arrange interviews and liaison with the candidate throughout the hiring and negotiation process. This helps ensure that your superstar is not lost to the competition.
  • Work with you for the long term to ensure best practices in compensation, benefits and manpower planning.
  • Stay abreast of industry developments and provide insight on prime candidates on the horizon.

An expert recruiting firm does many things well, not the least of which is recruiting. Once a desired candidate is found, the firm will draw them in and highlight the benefits and advantages of the opportunity. Your best recruitment partner is one who accelerates and streamlines your hiring process, solidifying it for a successful future.

Hire an expert – because you want the job done right.

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