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Record Quarter at BrainWorks

Executive Search Firm hits record quarter to start the year


BrainWorks continues its growth at a record pace. The Executive Search Firm celebrated a record quarter in 2021 and is on pace for another banner year as development continues. Current numbers indicate that, through the first quarter, revenue had doubled from the previous quarter setting a new company record. BrainWorks leadership suggests that much of the company’s growth can be attributed to its outstanding internal talent, differentiated process and increased client demands to retain the best talent.


“There is a clear growth in client demand, across many of our Practices especially in the Consumer Products world, Private Equity and their portfolio companies. Clients need talent from the executive level down to the middle management level. Companies that have a plan to grow their business need talent,” explains Andy Miller, President & CEO at BrainWorks and member of the prestigious Pinnacle Society – a consortium of the top 75 recruitment professionals in the country. “People drive performance in business. The strategy doesn’t matter if you don’t get the right people to execute the strategy.”


First Quarter 2021 Financial Results

  • Revenue ending previous year was up 60% vs. 2019
  • Revenue for the most recent quarter was up 100% first quarter 2021-vs-2020.


“Talent wins in the marketplace,” continued Mr. Miller. “If you have an intelligent CEO, if you have smart C-level people, whether it be marketing or sales or finance operations, they’re going to find a way to win. They’re going to find a way to find new customers, to gain further market share, create efficiencies in operations or supply chains, or to make things work faster, better, and more efficiently.”


Last year was challenging for many recruiters. The pandemic and its effects overwhelmed some talent procurement teams, piled new demands on to others, and proved to be a historic change agent as the virtual workplace, and remote work became the norm. However, the best recruiters took this opportunity to adapt as needed and show their value to their clients. BrainWorks is excited to continue extraordinary value creation with its clients to deliver superior business results.




BrainWorks is a prominent boutique executive search firm offering a 29-year track record of successfully sourcing and placing top talent. By harnessing proven strategies, collaborating with stakeholders and leveraging a diverse and talented candidate network, BrainWorks helps businesses find, attract, and ultimately hire talented professionals that create differentiated results.


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