Much has been written (including in these blogs) about the differences between recruiting pre- and post-pandemic. At this point there is no doubt that one of the effects of the pandemic was a sea change in how work gets done, what employers can and cannot expect, and the impact of a myriad of new technologies that is continuing with the rapid development and deployment of AI, for better or worse.

For Recruiters – It’s a Candidate-Driven Job Market

It is also clear that the balance of power in recruiting, hiring, and retention has shifted away from the employers to the workforce, and barring a massive shift in the job market, the candidate-driven job market is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Employers intent on staying on the leading edge as innovators, early adopters, and the most progressive recruiters are focusing more than ever on these things in 2023:

What employers will be looking for in candidates:

  • Genuine experts and specialists – the days of candidates, particularly in tech fields, “faking it till they make it” with expertise that is “a mile wide and a millimeter deep” are over.
  • Value-added talent solutions and services – where can the candidate add value? Rather than simply doing their assigned job, candidates will need to demonstrate that they are creative and innovative and can add value beyond what the job is designed to do.
  • Ability to create recurring revenue streams.
  • Engagement – candidates need to demonstrate engagement and commitment to the company’s mission and products.
  • Build communities.
  • Excel at brand building
  • Support and drive the D&I agenda.
  • Positively (and genuinely) impact society
  • Embrace the global workforce.

To attract top talent, employers will need to:

  • Have leading-edge tech stacks.
  • Make the most of automation.
  • Outsource repeatable and transactional activity.
  • Invest in  building their market.
  • Offer flexibility to employees.
  • Build a strong culture of learning and coaching.
  • Offer great pay and commission, well-being, and incentive schemes.
  • Identify and attract different pools of talent.
  • Invest in leadership at every level.

Is Their a Transformation Occurring in Recruiting?

What this 2023 revolution in recruiting points to is a transformation in recruiting, hiring, and retention across the entire organization. Given the complexity of the change, companies will need to recruit in a whole new way. A relationship with a recruiting firm that understands the demands of this new world is likely to produce the best results. An effective recruiting partner will work with the company to identify the right combination of skill and experience to find the top candidates and to convey to them what it is the hiring company stands for.


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