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Secrets to Building a Top-Notch Analytics Team

Recruiting a top-notch analytics team can be the key to boosting revenue, reducing costs, and improving customer experience. To realize all of these benefits, differentiating average data scientists from top performers is essential. Critical hires can make the difference between building a top-notch data and analytics team or falling behind the competition.


Get the Best Talent

The cost of hiring the wrong person can be substantial. Some estimates put the price at more than a quarter of a million dollars to find and hire a new employee. When accounting for the impact a disengaged hire has on good employees, the toll it takes on a manager’s patience, plus numerous other costs if the role needs replacement, a bad hire can quickly turn into a million-dollar mistake. It can be helpful to add an outsider’s perspective when hiring.

Bringing in a third-party perspective such as a seasoned recruiter or advisor can help add invaluable insight. Especially for hiring into a role that may be on the more technical side, working with a recruiter can be immensely helpful.


Promote Great Management

Once you get the best talent, it is vital to keep them motivated. The best data scientists are always in high demand, so they are very particular about whom they work for. It’s virtually impossible to build a top-notch analytics team without promoting and maintaining excellent management. Focus on developing and improving these areas:

  • Clear communication: Ensure that work requests are understood and timelines are realistic. Managers have to concentrate on being more transparent and candid with data scientists while providing consistent feedback.
  • Connect work to business: Hold regular strategy meetings with your analytics team to convey project goals and how they relate to the bigger picture.


Create an Exceptional Hiring Process

Building an analytics team starts with creating an exceptional hiring process. A top-notch data and analytics recruiter can improve your odds of finding the best candidates with a good combination of technical, systems, and interpersonal skills. Finding the right balance of expertise and ambition can be challenging. When working with a recruiter, you have the bonus of maintaining flexibility in your hiring choices since most will guarantee a candidate that meets your needs.

You can’t transform data into value until you build a top-notch analytics team. Try using some of these secrets to help you determine whom you need to hire and when, how to promote excellent management, and improve your hiring process.



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