Analytics and Data Science professionals are driving strategy, digital transformation, personalization, revenue growth, and efficiencies across industries.

Their ability to harness large data sets and leverage it to solve complex business challenges has attracted hiring leaders at Big Tech to wage a ruthless battle for their services. Other industries have taken notice, and innovative leaders in retail, pharma, financial services, CPG, healthcare, and others are following suit by building enterprise-level capabilities in Analytics and Data Science.

After spending decades successfully recruiting some of the highest-performing leaders and teams in Analytics and Data Science, we’re sharing some of the strategies that will make an opportunity to stand out in today’s competitive market.

In this blog, we’ll uncover a few strategies and tips to help your business secure top-tier talent in 2021 & beyond. 


Current Hiring Landscape

During the first few months of the pandemic, employment was more or less at a standstill, with companies trying to figure out how to navigate through it. As businesses continue to look towards the Data Science and Analytics industry to help them be more data-driven in their operations, they continue to turn to Big Data leaders for help. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of Information Research Science is expected to grow 15 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is reflective of the hiring trends we see in the industry.


In our recent blog post, “5 Most In-Demand Roles in Data Science and Analytics,” the Chief Data & Analytics Officer and VP of Big Data were both identified as two of the most in-demand positions for 2021. 


How To Entice Top Big Data Talent At Your Organization

Top talent in this space is in massive demand. The pandemic hasn’t slowed it down; in fact, it has accelerated it. Should you have an open Big Data position, you will need to move faster than your competitors while offering far more than higher compensation to entice top-tier candidates to join your organization. Listed below are three strategies to supplement your recruitment efforts for the nation’s top Big Data talent. 


Have a Clear List of Small and Big Projects For The Candidate

Regardless of role, most skilled Big Data professionals are looking for ways to make a noticeable impact on the bottom line from day one. Top Data and Analytics professionals understand that they are commanding a premium in the marketplace and want clarity about shorter-term wins to warrant investment in their talent and build trust within the organization immediately, so they can confidently pursue more extensive, higher impact projects in the future. During the interview and outreach process, come up with examples of short-term and long-term projects that your candidate would tackle once they start. Be as specific as you can.


Include Team Members in the Interview Process

Highly successful Senior Data and Analytics professionals crave the ability to work in a collaborative culture and with a team that challenges them to exceed even their own expectations. During your interviews with the candidate, be sure the team your candidate would work with is present and involved with the interview process to evidence their aptitude and contribution to positive culture to the candidate.


Flex Your Big Data Analytics Technology 

Emerging Big Data technology, like predictive analytics software and knowledge discovery tools, are big magnets to bring quality talent to your organization. Before starting a job, most high-performing Big Data experts will want a clear understanding of the technology they will have at their fingertips. Take inventory of the current tools you have and present the most appealing tools during the recruiting process. 


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