Jon Levitt

Chief Strategy Officer

Jon is honored to have joined BrainWorks as its Chief Strategy Officer in 2020.

Jon Levitt started his career in the 1990s as the Placement Officer for the then Academy of Professional Development, a Jobs Training and Placement Act school achieving unprecedented results in moving former executives off of long-term unemployment and welfare.

He went on to Merrill Lynch for over a decade as a Registered Principal, licensed Series 4, 7, 8, 24 and 63 leading diverse teams and achieving results in infrastructure, operations, tax, brokerage, banking, customer service and IT integration.

Jon is also a partner at BetterManMovement, providing healthy inclusive masculinity, heart-based leadership, gender equity and inclusivity conferences and experiences for Fortune 100 companies and industry thought leaders.

Jon has invested the last 15 years as a executive coach, consultant, catalyst, developer, facilitator, speaker and serial entrepreneur. Throughout his leadership and consultancy, Jon has often embraced what was set aside as impossible or too difficult, at scales and with complexities that were previously avoided.

In addition to his for-profit efforts, Jon serves on the Board of Directors of the ManKind Project USA, a not-for-profit committed to educating men on emotional literacy, inclusion and service to the future of humanity and is proud to work with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International, an international not-for-profit in support of gender healing around the globe. Jon also has additional complementary business interests and not-for-profit engagements.

Jon and his partner who met through ballroom dance, live with their two children in Central Jersey. After dancing at their wedding to I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack), Jon and his partner continue to dance to this day.