Attracting and retaining talent is one of the most important things an organization can do to be successful. Having a highly skilled and motivated team can keep you on track to reach and even exceed your goals. You may even have some fun doing it! So what sets companies apart when it comes to keeping a talented team? Here are three strategies to attract and retain talent.

1. Make It a Priority.

Prioritize the process by deciding it’s important and valuable to your company. Hiring and retaining key employees moves to the top of the priority list when you make the conscious decision to do so. Once the decision has been made to make it a priority, it becomes a lot easier to implement actions and behaviors around that goal.

2. Express Your Corporate Culture.

Think about what is unique about your organization, then find ways to give candidates a flavor of your culture in multiple ways. Start by paying attention to how the company currently comes across, then find ways candidates can observe these traits: “This is who we are, this is what you can expect, and here’s what you can expect upon joining us.” Good candidates are looking for upward mobility so the organization needs to not only express what the role is today but also what the candidate can expect with promotions.

How can the company address that in the interview process? Consider putting someone on the interview team who is a “champion” who can talk about how she joined two or three years ago in a similar role and now has been promoted twice for example. Also consider inviting the candidate to walk around and see people in their workspaces and interacting with each other. The candidate needs to get the feeling that she can fit in, as well as grow and achieve new success within the company. So, find ways to express your culture and the potential for upward mobility in the organization.

3. Compress The Timeline.

The market is hot right now and good candidates are likely to get multiple offers, so if you really like someone get them in for a first interview. If you are impressed, get motivated to speed things up and make them an offer instead of waiting six or eight weeks. If you’ve done the work and attended to the hiring process, you should have a good idea of the best fit for the position. Compressing the timeline makes you more decisive and less likely to lose great talent to some other company who acted faster.

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