Are you trying to find the best talent to join your team? The first step is understanding what candidates want in a company. In today’s employment market, job hunters can be quite discerning, and need a few key incentives in order to make a career move. Here are some of the top qualities that professionals are looking for in a company and a new opportunity.

Opportunities to Achieve

Successful job candidates are looking for opportunities that help them learn, grow, and advance their career. If you want to attract the best talent, you have to communicate how your organization can help with their professional advancement, and that goes beyond simply giving them promotions and new titles. This requires asking thoughtful questions about which new skills the candidate would like to develop, and then show how your company can help them achieve this—whether through a formal training program or informal mentorship.

A Cultural Connection with a Trustworthy Organization

We’re in an era where Patagonia called out President Trump’s environmental policies and Dick’s Sporting Goods announced they would no longer sell assault-style rifles. A recent survey by Sprout Social found that 66% of consumers say it’s important for brands to take public stands on social and political issues, and this carries over into the workplace as well. Candidates are looking for their job to have meaning beyond a paycheck, so make sure to talk about your business’s mission and what you stand for on your careers page and in interviews. Additionally, in the wake of #MeToo controversies, it’s important to showcase a professional and engaging culture, whether that’s through an open-door policy with managers, or regular team social events and outings.

Good Salary and Benefits

Although it’s rarely the only factor candidates use when evaluating opportunities, there’s no doubt that employers need to offer competitive salaries and benefits. When creating a budget for new job openings, it’s a good idea to do some research on sites like Glassdoor to make sure the salary range you offer is on par with industry standards. If your company isn’t able to increase the salary for a certain position, think about how you can win a candidate over with ample benefits such as paid maternity/paternity leave, on-site daycare, and generous health coverage.

Work Life Balance and Flexibility

Top job candidates are used to managing a heavy workload and plenty of job responsibilities. However, if the culture at your company is to force employees to be chained to their desks for 8+ hours a day, or to regularly endure lengthy commutes, you risk burning out your top talent. Candidates want to know that if they produce high-quality work, you’ll reward them with flexibility like work from home opportunities or non-traditional work hours.

Employees today want to work for an organization where they can take control of their career path. They want to learn and grow. They also have personal goals they want to work towards. To attract high-quality employees, you need to appeal to the candidate’s ambition while also being supportive of their overall needs.


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