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What Does Your Employment Brand Say About Your Company?

Increasingly, top professionals take business reputations into account when considering which employers to work with. Executives want to align themselves with organizations they respect and that share their values.

What will candidates find when analyzing your company?

Be aware of where candidates will research you. Many will start with sites like Glassdoor. Sites like this offer employees a chance to give feedback on their employers. This can be a two-edged sword, because just like diners who review restaurants on Yelp, unhappy people are much more likely to provide public feedback.

How Does Your Reputation Stack Up Among Competitors?

Promote your company as market leaders and benchmark yourself against others in your industry in compensation and benefits, culture and values and work/life balance. Assess how your organization is viewed in the community and in your industry.

Keep Your Marketing Message Consistent

By proactively promoting your brand, you establish and reinforce your own corporate identity rather than allowing the marketplace to control your reputation. Monitor awareness of your brand, company and the reputation of your executives.

Control Your Online Presence

Engage with people on social media so that you are having a conversation. Discuss your corporate culture so people know what it’s like to work in your organization. Get people excited about working for you. Share interesting projects you’re working on.

Manage Your Feedback

Encouraging current, satisfied employees to add their own input can balance any negative reviews you may receive. Conduct internal surveys and make the results public. Post testimonials from your current happy employees.

Respond To Nay-Sayers

Thoughtfully respond to negative reviews. Determine if complaints are valid and take steps to resolve them if they are. Take the conversation offline if possible to avoid getting into a public disagreement. Often, people just want to be heard. By acknowledging rather than ignoring their input, you may prevent a small issue from going viral.

Choose the Right Recruiting Partner

Work with recruitment professionals who understand and can communicate your brand. Seasoned experts will take the time to get to know your corporate identity, your company culture and who you need to recruit to ensure your future success. To learn more, read our related posts or contact BrainWorks today.

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