There are many qualities that differentiate a superior recruiter from an average one. Below please find Andy Miller‘s, BrainWorks’ CEO,  list of the top ten qualities:

  1. The ability to assess Top Talent versus Average Talent
  2. The intuitiveness to ask smart business questions and then help clients craft compelling opportunities.
  3. Great listening skills
  4. Smart business acumen
  5. The ability to challenge others thinking and examine alternative options
  6. Persuasiveness – Tenacity – Persistence
  7. Problem Solving Skills
  8. Industry & Functional experience
  9. A proven Track Record of Success
  10. Outworking the competition

The Pinnacle Society, the nation’s premier consortium for recruiters, is an industry forum through which its members share information, ideas and best practices. Strict membership requirements hold it’s 75 members to a very high standard. The Pinnacle Society’s dedication to excellence in recruiting means that ALL members “must be committed to an honest, ethical approach to conducting business and share a desire to raise, on a global level, the standards of the profession”. Andy Miller has been a member and active participant of this society since 2011. The Pinnacle Society recently produced a video entitled What Differentiates. Three Pinnacle Members highlight what distinguishes a Pinnacle Society Recruiter from other recruiters. To view this informative video, please click here.

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