At some point in your life you may have worked in an organization that had a higher than desired turnover rate – even in the executive level roles. You may have wondered – what are they doing wrong? Why are there so many positions sitting empty? You probably noticed that the HR department and internal hiring manager were overloaded doing all of the work to fill even their most critical roles.

Why aren’t they using a recruiter? They will likely say that they haven’t considered using a recruiter to fill these empty positions. And if you dig a little deeper, they may say they can’t afford to. How many months can they afford to have the position remain open? Often you will find that their productivity is suffering and they are actually losing money. If you do the math, you’ll see that they can’t afford not to hire a recruiter.

Here are some important lessons in the process of working with a recruiter:

Recruiters Save Time

Recruiters are seasoned professionals who spend their time expertly navigating the hiring process for their clients. They listen and know exactly what their client is looking for and they understand their client’s corporate culture. And they do all of this in an incredibly efficient way because they have a plan and process in place that works. They dramatically shorten the hiring cycle for their clients – saving them time and money in the process.

Recruiters Have Connections

Recruiters talk on the phone – a lot. They have many candidates in mind – some are actively looking and others are not. They stay in touch with them in case something comes up, so they often have leads that no one else knows about. Recruiters know how to network and get referrals; and they know how to attract the highly-qualified candidates most sought after.

Recruiters Get Candidates to be Real

Recruiters have conversations with many candidates every day and move them through the hiring process. Seasoned recruiters have learned how to listen well, and they know how to elicit honesty from their candidates. Because they are in a neutral mediator role in the relationship, candidates open up with them. Recruiters encourage candidates to clarify their professional needs and desires. They get to the heart of the matter — finding out a candidate’s dreams and deal-breakers – which is a win-win for everyone.

Recruiters Make Great Partners

The relationship with a recruiter becomes a great professional partnership. They have your best interests in mind and keep you up to date and in the loop throughout the hiring process. Establishing a relationship with a recruiter ensures that in future searches, you have someone you can access for assistance. It’s like having an expert on your team who understands your company’s goals and visions.

Recruiters Know How to Close the Deal

Recruiters know how to ask the right questions to move the deal forward and keep everyone on track in the process.
They don’t want the hiring cycle to drag on forever. They are adept at moving deals forward and getting everyone to the closing table with a happy resolution. And isn’t that what we really want?

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