How Much Is Mediocre Talent Costing Your Company?

Replacing a senior-level employee can be a daunting ordeal. Experienced executive recruiters have their pulse on the job market and within your industry. Before your search begins, take the time to identify the job requirements and the skill set necessary to be successful. Having a conversation with a professional recruiter can help you fine-tune the “must-haves” that you have outlined and uncover the other essential qualities that perhaps you haven’t articulated out loud. If you do not do your preliminary “homework,” you risk hiring a good candidate but not the best talent. The mediocre hire can be a costly mistake that your business cannot afford.

When you partner with an executive recruiting firm that understands the nuances of the position and the culture of your company, their team can uncover and source the perfect STAR to complement your team. Your next hire is most likely not looking to make a job change and therefore their resume will not be in the pile of those that will apply directly to a job posting. Can you afford not to use an experienced recruiter to partner with you to fill that executive-level opening?

Ecommerce or Bust

Consumer products companies have had to stay current by expanding their online presence or risk losing market share or worse—going out of business. A recruiting firm that has experienced ecommerce recruiters can partner with you to source and vet your next VP of Digital Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer to expand your ecommerce marketplace. The recruiter can assist you in setting up the metrics to evaluate the performance of those you want to interview. A resume sometimes is not the best indicator of success for the position and cannot replace the in-depth vetting that a recruiter can provide for you. It is short-sighted to eliminate using a recruiter because you cannot fathom paying a fee for their services. But, actually hiring STAR talent is your best ROI—can you afford not to hire a recruiter?

Hiring a Recruiter Really Is Cost-Effective

A boutique recruiting firm has the specific tools and knowledge unique to your industry. If you are looking to hire an experienced product management professional for your new product launch, why not choose a firm that has a team of product manager recruiters? Choose a firm that has established networks and the sourcing skills to find the ideal candidate the first time. Let them handle the heavy lifting, vetting potential candidates and helping you develop interview questions. Using experts to find your C-level executive candidates can dramatically decrease the chances of a bad hire, and even a good hire—ensuring that you get a great hire.

About BrainWorks

BrainWorks has earned a reputation over the past 28 years as a leader in the executive recruiting industry. Their recruitment team combines their suite of proprietary recruitment solutions with a wealth of business intelligence. The BrainWorks recruiting process combines tools such as the Seven Traits to Assess Results (STAR) system, Talent Evaluation Process (TEP), and Talent Acquisition Profile (TAP). They have a professional team of recruitment experts. When looking for consumer product professionals, don’t just look for any recruiter—look for a long-term partner with experienced CPG recruiters. BrainWorks’ Practice Areas include Consumer Products, CRM, Data Science, Analytics, Finance, IT, Private Equity, Digital Marketing, and ecommerce.

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