Smart hiring managers understand that the strongest candidates are frequently not those who come knocking at your door. Often those with the skills, experience and ambition that you look for are successfully employed elsewhere. It takes time, effort and an unusually attractive opportunity to engage these potential employees. Here are a few ideas to help you reach them.

Become a destination employer

No matter how entrenched an employee is, he will leave his post for an opportunity with a dream employer. If your organization is not a household name, it’s still possible to gain a reputation in your community as a great place to work. Make your brand identity clear and publicize it through your website and other media.

Leverage social media

Update social media regularly with items of interest to those in the industry. Include projects you are working on, plans for growth and community events you are involved in. Show that your company is a place where real people work. Respond to comments and questions to engage those in the talent community.

Know the competition

What are other companies like to work with? Where do you have an advantage? What do you need to work on? Companies that are financially weak or failing to innovate are ripe for cherry picking. If a competitor has downsized recently, the employees who remain are likely some of their strongest. However, the retained employees may have lost confidence in the organization and could be willing to consider other offers.

Build a talent pipeline

Establishing relationships with professionals who would be a welcome addition to your organization before you need them is a smart strategy. Even if they are not ready to make a move today, they will keep you in mind when they are ready.

Host networking events

Opening your doors to other professionals is a great way to show off your company. Host an open house where people can get to know your culture and people, and perhaps picture themselves working in that environment.

Partner with an executive search consultant who can identify and reach out to professionals who may be currently working for your competitor. For expert assistance in engaging top passive talent, contact the recruiting team at BrainWorks today.

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