Once you have satisfactorily filled an open position, it is tempting to believe that your work is done. You will no doubt need to conduct another in the future, so it makes sense to assess your process now, while your latest results are fresh in your mind.

Conducting a review of your hiring outcomes can improve the efficiency and efficacy of your executive recruiting process, ensuring you get optimal results without wasted effort.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Did your expectations meet reality? You had an ideal candidate in mind when you began the search. How close was the person you hired to meeting your requirements? If they differed from what you anticipated, is that because your expectations were unrealistic or because you course corrected during the search. If the person you hired was substantially different from the person you expected to hire, take note.

How long did it take to fill the position? Is that simply how long it takes to fill a role at that level or could you shorten the process and still get optimum results? Your time is valuable. Any measures you can take to hire faster without sacrificing quality can pay dividends.

Did you attract the right people? If you were inundated with an influx of resumes that were well off the mark, consider where you posted the position or how you worded the post. Sorting through inappropriate resumes is a waste of time and should be avoided.

How are your ratios? Did you have to go through a lot of resumes to get a pool of solid interview prospects? How many interviews did you need to conduct before you were ready to extend an offer?

Do you have too many people involved in the hiring process? Buy-in is important, but beware of the danger of getting a candidate by consensus. You’re on a dangerous path to hiring middle-of-the-road candidates – not stand-outs who may ruffle a few feathers but bring innovation to the company.

Why was the position vacant? Was it a newly created position or did someone depart from that role? Did the incumbent leave or were they let go? Review data from exit interviews to close the loop.

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