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Four Tips to Stay Motivated in the New Year

There are phases of every career that include menial tasks that can take hold and diminish your enthusiasm. Although you might not be experiencing it right now, someone you lead might be experiencing that exact moment. Having tools to deal with those times of monotony can help you persevere and help those around you continue to achieve their goals as well. Here are some tips to stay motivated in the new year.

1. Make a Commitment

Commit to just a couple of changes, and commit to a timeline for them. At the end of that period, consider whether it was effective enough for you to keep doing. If so, great! If not, commit to changing something else. But instead of committing to running a marathon, commit to running twice a week for two weeks and then reevaluating. Instead of making dramatic changes in your work routine, commit to working late two nights a week for the next two weeks. Do not get overwhelmed with the long-term nature of significant change; instead, focus on small wins that you can control and then control them!

2. Remove What’s Unnecessary

Next, consider removing things that are unnecessary from your calendar. Focus on the most important objectives. If your mission is to generate new clients, then remove essentially everything else from your calendar that’s not directly related to developing new clients. If your key objective is to complete some projects that have been looming over your shoulder, postpone coffee meetings and other tasks until those key projects are complete. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not being irresponsible or avoidant; it’s a reassessment which is at the very heart of getting out of a slump. Eliminate everything with the exception of the most important objectives and don’t get distracted by anything else.

3. Create a Plan

Plan your day tomorrow before today ends. Some view planning as unnecessary and instead simply “wing-it” when it comes to their goals for the day. Subsequently, many feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and as though they are falling short of their true potential. The answer lies in carefully designing a routine that works best for you – one which helps you be productive, in control, and the best version of yourself possible. When you carefully craft a personal routine and stick to it, it allows you get the most important things done first and out of the way.

4. Continue Learning

Continued curiosity can keep you focused on developing your career path. What are you doing to foster training, growth, and new perspectives for yourself on an ongoing basis? Often people make excuses for not staying on the path of continued growth. “We don’t have the money to invest in training.” “We’ve had a really bad quarter and don’t have time for this right now.” “I’m not in the right mindset to be open to new ideas right now.” Be proactive in seeking your own professional growth, and actively learn – with outside help if needed.

Using these tips can help you get back on track and help those around you to stay motivated as well. Start by making a commitment, remove the clutter from your calendar, create a plan, and stay focused on continued training. These will all help you stay motivated and reach your goals in 2018!

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