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2018-04-11 by BrainWorks

Recruiting Top Talent: The Pendulum Has Swung to the Candidate Side

You may have heard the analogy that a job interview is like a first date. The candidate researches… Read More

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2017-11-08 by BrainWorks

Does Your Team Have an Ongoing Learning Plan?

As a leader in your company, how can you help your team grow over time in all dimensions?… Read More

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2017-02-15 by BrainWorks

Emotional Intelligence

Evaluating a candidate’s emotional intelligence is a vital part of the interview process. It allows you to assess… Read More

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2016-08-16 by BrainWorks

Building Your Bench: Who Should Be on Your Panel Interviewing Team?

Panel interviews are an excellent idea when hiring for senior-level and other business-critical roles. They provide varying perspectives,… Read More

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2015-07-13 by BrainWorks

Interviewing Prowess: How to Evaluate and Fine-Tune It

Countless career opportunities are lost due to poor interviewing skills. You may have practiced anticipated questions and answers… Read More

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2015-04-08 by BrainWorks

How Your Recruiter Can Help You Prepare for Your Next Interview

As your recruiter markets your job candidacy, a key step is preparing you for success in your interviews.… Read More

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2015-04-03 by BrainWorks

How to Train Your Interviewing Team

Hiring is the most important – and expensive – decision a manager makes. The cost of a bad… Read More

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2014-05-09 by BrainWorks

Video Interviewing: A Thing of the Future? Or Current Times?

Navigating a job interview from behind a computer screen is becoming increasingly common for today’s candidates. In a… Read More