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2016-12-21 by MillerMultimedia

Working with an Executive Search Consultant: Your Ace in the Hole For Finding Your Dream Job

As the lyrics of a once popular country music song goes: “You’ve got to have an ace in… Read More

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2016-08-12 by MillerMultimedia

Executive Job Searching in a Chaotic World

You are busy. You already have a fast-paced job that drains a lot of your time – not… Read More

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2016-07-15 by MillerMultimedia

6 Tips for a (Successful) Confidential Executive Job Search

The average executive spends approximately four years in a job. The secret to finding your next great opportunity… Read More

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2016-04-22 by MillerMultimedia

Eye on the C-Suite? Career Advancement Strategies to Adopt

The rapid-fire pace of a typical workweek can make it challenging to keep up with expected deliverables, much… Read More

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2015-09-02 by MillerMultimedia

Are You Making These Executive Resume Missteps?

An impressive resume and well-designed LinkedIn profile are imperative for an executive job hunt. For this reason, they… Read More