As the lyrics of a once popular country music song goes: “You’ve got to have an ace in the hole.” It’s definitely a concept that transcends the game of poker and can give you a significant advantage in other competitive aspects of your life like a job search. If you’re suffering from stagnant career growth, or even stuck in the wrong position, working with an executive search consultant has been a proven method of helping people enhance their careers. Here are some of the ways that partnering with an executive recruiter can help you advance your career:

  1. Talent Evaluation (TEP)

    – Candidates that undergo a Talent Evaluation Process (TEP) are ranked based on traits such as relevance of past accomplishments, trend of performance, problem solving and thinking skills, management and organizational ability and personality and cultural fit. These results provide invaluable information that helps recruiters match candidates with the best career opportunities.

  2. Interview Preparation

    – Although confidence is key in regard to a successful interview, it’s only the first piece of the puzzle. Too many executives are confident, but still lack proper interviewing skills. The art of interviewing continues to evolve and should be refined on a regular basis to achieve favorable outcomes. Remember, possessing an MBA from the most prestigious Ivy League institution might accurately depict your intelligence to a company that is hiring, but it’s doubtful that any of your college classes taught you about the key product lines and history of that company. If you are nervous about an upcoming interview, then a recruiter can oftentimes help you prep for the process by asking you key questions and getting you to focus your intentions.

  3. Negotiation

    – Receiving a job offer from a leading corporation can be an exhilarating experience. But, effectively negotiating the offer is one of the most important steps of the entire job search process. A common question posed during career negotiation is: Why are you worth the desired salary you have listed? So, you’ll need to explicitly justify your value to the company. In addition to negotiating your salary, you’ll need to relay any other benefits that you want included in the deal. These additional perks can range from flexible work hours to opportunities for continued education.

So, partnering with a specialized executive recruiter can be considered your ace in the hole in many ways. Not only can they help you improve your chances in the hiring process through interview preparation, but will also assist you in negotiating the best deal possible with a prospective employer.

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